Sunday, March 8, 2009


We are going to have some difficult decisions to make soon. Everyone who has sent in an entry to be part of this year's TEAM POINT TWO experience has been terrific! The problem we have had, so far, is that some of the best entries we have had have come from entrants who have had one terminal flaw:

They've already ran at least two marathons.

I have discussed this dilemma with the selection committee of Toni Harvey and Steve Runner. We examined what priorities were important to us in assembling what we feel is going to be a very exciting team of varied runners going into the autumn marathoning season. While we acknowledged that the concept of continuity between a group of otherwise differing personalities was essential to the success of this project, we agreed that we could achieve this continuity without necessarily adhering to an artificial barrier of having only run one marathon to one's credit prior to joining TEAM POINT TWO.

Consequently, on behalf of the selection committee, I hearby announce that entry into the six roster positions for TEAM POINT TWO will be chosen with the following amendment immediately enforced: to be considered for TEAM POINT TWO, one must have run at least one previous marathon, but may have run more than one marathon prior to the autumn of 2009.

... How's that for legalese?!?

So that's it -- if you haven't entered yet due to the previous restriction, drop me a 50-100 word email telling us why you would help to make TEAM POINT TWO a most dynamic assembly of marathoners. My email addy is .

No need to be fast. One just needs to want to be faster, and should want to share that experience with us along the way generously, through new media channels of blogs and podcasting.We'll gather all of the entries and announce the members of the team before the end of next week.


P.S.: I need a volunteer artist! TEAM POINT TWO needs a better logo than this increasingly annoying red font! Can you help? (thanks!)


  1. just sent you my entry into this soon to be exclusive club

  2. I got it! You should have my reply, too.

    Thanks, Tony!

    John E.

  3. I'm so glad the rules were changed!

  4. Thanks, Susan -- Toni, Steve, and I all feel better about it!

  5. This is awesome John... as much as I love hearing your words of wisdom... I just wish that I could pan them off as my own (but give credit is where it is due!) I am glad that you have a blog presence now. It's like the icing on the cake...

    ROCK ON!

  6. That's very kind of you, Terry - thanks so much!

    Now for some more consistent posts from me!!