Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Casting Call: join TEAM POINT TWO!

We're impressed with anyone who completes a marathon, and I always love to hear from runners as to how they achieved the results that they earned. However, I am increasingly saddened to see a number of runners set a goal to run a marathon, achieve that goal, and then suddenly disappear from the sport.

Why leave the floor when the dance is just getting started??

So, with that in mind, Toni Harvey from the , Steve Runner from the great podcast Phedippidations and yours truly have come up with an idea: we want to promote running as a lifestyle, not just as a temporal challenge.

If you heard us during today's episode #19 of the Runner's Roundtable , then you heard us introduce a concept that we think will make for a lot of fun this summer into the fall. It's the creation of TEAM POINT TWO, and you could be part of it!

Here's the deal: if you're planning on running a second marathon this autumn, then you may qualify. We are going to put together a team of 6 runners, all of whom are training to run their second marathon this autumn. We'll ask that you contribute to up to 7 episodes of the Runners' Roundtable, and we may have you post your training updates to a blog we may form as well. Age, sex, or ability do not matter, but what does matter is a willingness to train to better your marathon time from your first effort over 26.2 miles. If your thinking of that second marathon this fall and you want to share your road with us via the new media of blogs and podcasting, then let me know ASAP!

Just send me an email of between 50 and 100 words or so explaining why you would make a dynamic and fun team member, and if Drusy, Steve, and I pick you, then you will get unlimited running advice from me, John Ellis, and you'll have a real opportunity to help other runners from around the world learn from your collective experiences. TEAM POINT TWO is based on the notion that 26 - point-two miles is a very special experience, especially when it's the 2nd time at the marathon. The race is no longer an unknown adventure -- NOW let's see how much better you can be!

It promises to be very rewarding experience in a variety of ways, from your soles to your soul, so come along by emailling me now! My addy is

Be a part of TEAM POINT TWO!

NEXT TIME: I will do "Get Your Wings" very soon!


  1. Thanks for the response John. What a fun science experiment. Gerri and I just saw this blog with the 50-100 words...ooops! Sorry for us being so verbose. I'm a bit surprised that hotmail didn't block Gerri's for the shear size. Good luck with the selection process. It would be an honor.

  2. Hey Gerri and Jeff!

    no worries on the length -- it was a great story! The 100 words are just a suggestion. Don't sweat the small stuff!

    Take care!
    John E.

  3. John
    I think this is a great idea! I just finished my first Marathon on Feb 1, in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. I will start working on my entry. I'm always a lurker...never a poster. I may as well give it a shot ; )
    ps I'm so happy you started a blog...I look forward to your new posts