Monday, February 2, 2009

It's all about to begin again!

Introducing my new blog: The 22nd Miler!

Welcome! I promise to teach a bit, to share a bit more, and to walk the walk and run the run with you in 2009 and beyond! What would you like to see here?

Above all, I pledge to run with the purpose of experience, but tempered always with the passion of child's play ... running is recreation, the toy store of life!

So let's go play!

-- John E.


  1. Good luck with the blog John, here's to your many posts ahead. Persist!

  2. I've already marked this as a favorite! Can't wait to read and learn from a master! Thank you very much for sharing!
    John from the Poi

  3. Thanks for creating this! I've heard you many times on fdip. I'm looking forward to reading your blog & learning from the Master:)

  4. I am really looking forward to the future postings. Your Fdip contributions have always been great.


  5. John, welcome to the Blogosphere. Good luck with the blog.

  6. I look forward to your posts. I credit your advice for getting me a BQ last year. I will be looking for you at mile 22 on April 20.

  7. To Adam, John, LIrunner, Java, Tony, Tanya, Early Morning Runner, Bruce, Maddy, Orting, and Nik & dan ... and to my most ardent supporter of this project -- Steve Runner ...


    I hope this is more fun than watching a drive-in movie from the brakedown lane of the adjacent highway (anyone remember Neponset?)

    The sound will eventually be better!

    With friendship,
    John E.